Tocoma is a healthy drink for the whole family which cleanses the colon with prebiotics, fibers from fruits, vegetables, oat bran, wheat bran & palm oil.
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Tocoma The Total Colon Management Now In The Philippines

Tocoma is manufactured to get rid of bad toxins in our body.

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Video on Tocoma by Boy Abunda

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Mrs. Aurea Rufino

Ako po si Aurea Rufino, ang asawa ko po ay si Reynaldo Rufino, na stroke siya noong May 21, 2015. Na-confine din siya sa Manila Doctors Hospital dahil sa sakit niyang diabetes.

Pastor Alma Tapdasan

Alma whose 14 year old daughter was scheduled for a COLONIC RESECTION (a surgical procedure in which all or part of the large intestine is resected) was spared from the procedure after taking TOCOMA.

Mr. & Mrs. Antonio Pana

Hirap na hirap po ako dumumi. Kalangan pang pilitin o iire. Dumarating ang araw o ilang araw pa na hindi makdumi.

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Tocoma, a cleansing health drink for a healthy colon.

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